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About Us

Project Solved provides organizational change management services that will help manage the impact new programs, processes, and other initiatives have on your organization. Often times launching new initiatives or updating current ones can have an effect on your people and therefore the culture of the organization.

Organizational change management includes engaging with the executive team and stakeholders, business operations, managing changes based on updated processes, supporting team members (your people) through the change process, measurement, evaluation, and more.

Our Promise

Provide innovative solutions for complex challenges

Successfully launch new programs and processes designed to grow your organization

Seamless implementation of new programs, processes, and initiatives

Minimize challenges and maximize success

Partner in maximizing your organizations growth

Our Services

Our team of experts help you strategically and effectively implement new programs, processes, and initiatives while minimizing disruption to your people and culture.

Stakeholder Alignment

Clear communication and is key and we will work closely with your executive team, board members, and key stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page and fully supports the change.

Customized Change Plans

We tailor our approach to the unique needs of your organization, creating a customized change management plan that aligns with your mission and values.

Program/Project Management

We will help you build and launch efficient and sustainable programs/projects by assessing needs, streamlining processes, supporting and coaching leaders, and aligning the program with the strategic priorities of your organization.

Measured Impact

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our approach. We measure and evaluate the impact of change to identify areas for growth and development, ensuring a lasting impact on your organization.

Curated Workshops/Training

We recognize each business/organization has different needs and we will design carefully curated workshops and trainings aligned with your strategic goals and priorities.

Strategic Plan Implementation

Implementation is our specialty. We will take your strategic plan and build a plan to help you implement sustainable solutions/programming.

Our Deliverables

Provide solutions that fit your organization - you have unique needs, and we will partner with you and your team to achieve your goals!

Keep your team aligned on what the upcoming changes are and why it’s important for them to happen to grow the organization.

Develop strategic priorities in partnership with your team leadership and then work with your team to implement those priorities. In other words, not only looking at the big picture, but getting down into the weeds.

Build strategies and tools that will support your people, your organization, and in turn the inevitable culture change that will occur.

Case Studies

Let’s get started!

Thank you for making it this far down the page! We are excited to discuss how we can add value to your people, team, and organization. Please fill out the information below and schedule an introductory meeting:

Partner Testimonials

Our Partners

For small businesses, we provide strategic implementation services that enable you to compete with larger organizations. We work with you to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions that enable you to scale your business and achieve your growth goals. With our help, you can take your business to the next level and achieve success with confidence.

Potential projects include: Launching programming to expand current reach, streamlining operations, assessing pain points, and more.

For large corporations, we offer program implementation services that empower you to outpace your competitors. We collaborate with your team to pinpoint opportunities for growth and apply tailored solutions that empower you to expand your operations and achieve your objectives. With our support, you can foster innovation and achieve excellence in a fast-changing market.

Potential projects include: Strategic plan implementation, process/workflow improvement, program evaluation and re-launch, and more.

For nonprofits, we provide program implementation services that enable you to deliver your mission more effectively. We work with your team to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions that minimize disruption to your daily operations. This enables you to maximize your impact and deliver on your mission with confidence.

Potential projects include: Program development/management, strategic plan implementation, operational support, and more.

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